Mastering the Risk-Free Application of Rose Oil

August 31st, 2017 8:48 am

What makes rose oil a holy grail in skin care is not because of its price. Although it is quite notable, you’ll find that each drop of this essential oil is so good that it is justifiably priced. From using rose oil on hair, skin, and even for aromatherapy, there are no limits to its powers.

But it also means that it has the potential to damage the skin when not used right. This guide helps you master the craft of risk-free application of rose oil for skin, face, and hair. There are also tips for you to enjoy it to the fullest!

Rose Oil and Petals in Bath Water

Bathe the Skin in Precious Rose Oil Drops

Admit it, you’re willing to go too far ends just to restore the youth of your skin, even to the point of using soaps that have whitening formulas. But there will always be a lingering concern that it might be harmful to your health. And it’s just right for you to worry about harming your well-being. But rose essential oil and other types of oil in the market are now here to rescue you from such woes! But first, know how to apply rose oil on the skin.

  • If your oil is not diluted, mix it with lighter, carrier oils. The best choice that fits rose oil perfectly is avocado, almond, jojoba, and coconut oil. Some types of rose oil already come in a blend in the market. You can apply it directly on the skin. But make sure to check if it’s diluted. NEVER apply if pure. It is too potent.
  • Use at a regular interval or at appropriate times. It is not like a lotion or sunscreen that you can apply to the skin as often as you want. You should limit the number of times you’re using it and pick the right time to do so. Every night, right after a bath or before sleeping is the best time.
  • Mix a few drops in bath water or in bath and body products to give them both fragrance and nourishing properties.

Container for Mixing Rose Oil Blends

Astringent Oil for Firm and Young Skin

Rose oil’s expertise lies in face care. Its properties are just perfect for your face care needs. Its astringency is perfect for firming up the skin and minimizing the appearance of pores. Imagine using it and getting a flawless look!

  • Wash hands before applying the oil on the skin. You risk transferring germs and bacteria that can damage the skin. Or you could also use cotton which is also perfect for face care.
  • Only use it drop by drop, especially if you’re putting on rose oil on face. Don’t put too much on the skin. While it is highly absorbent, you should be mindful that too much is still harmful.
  • Apply it right after washing the face and before you put on other products especially for face care. This is because it preps the skin to have high absorption rates to bring out the full effects of your other skin care formulas.

Rose Oil for Healthy Curly Hair

Rose Oil Hair Care Saves the Day

Therapeutic properties such as astringency work well in aiding the treatment of hair loss. The common cause of this problem is when the roots have a weak hold on the scalp. Dandruff and hair loss are also some of the problems one can encounter every day. You can use a high-quality hair loss shampoo in order to grow your hair back. Mix it with a few drops of rose oil to boost its effects. You can also add it to conditioners and other types of hair products. By knowing how to utilize rose oil for hair care, you can lower risks of hair loss thinning hair, and other scalp conditions.

  • Put a few drops of rose oil on hair care formulas and mix well before applying on hair. Or you could also whip up your homemade recipe hair mask. Just make sure to dilute it with other oils or organic in ingredients.
  • Massage on the scalp to help stimulate blood flow and let the rose oil’s astringency improve the strength of the roots of strands. Its antibacterial properties are also perfect for preventing dandruff from getting worse.
  • Do not overcoat your scalp and hair in rose oil because it might cause excessive oiliness and weigh heavily.

Paradise with a Soothing Fragrance

And as the rose oil’s best feature is its fragrance, you should not forget to learn how to use it properly. It’s quite easy actually, just mix a few drops of rose oil with an unscented carrier oil and put it on a diffuser. It mellows down the otherwise, strong aroma of rose oil and creates this soothing scent. Try the Rose Absolute Oil from Now Foods to see what the hype is all about.