Rose Essential Oil for Reviving a Youthful Skin

July 5th, 2017 9:32 am

Rose oil is not only famous because of the beauty of its source and its pricey value. While it’s true that it is worth every penny that you’ll be spending on it, its fame is actually because of its great ability as a skin care oil. Among all of the essential oils, this is a favorite.

Popular for its soothing scent, rose oil has wide uses in personal care. It does not only dominate the field of aromatherapy but you will also probably hear of the legends of its skin care benefits. But these effects are not only stories, they hold true value. There are a lot of wonderful rewards that you can get from using rose oil on skin and hair.

Rose Oil Review - Rose Essential Oil for Reviving a Youthful Skin

What Makes Rose Oil A Skin Care Savior

There are a lot of oils that can hydrate the skin. As one of the vital needs of the flesh, hydrating abilities are important. There are a lot of products out there that can provide this and when it comes to essential oils, there’s no argument that most of them provide hydration.

High Levels of Astringency

But rose oil stands out from the rest. This is because of its therapeutic effects. It has high levels of astringency that is rarely found among essential oils. Because of this, it helps tone the skin and improves its elasticity. It also works on its texture.

Its effects prevent the early onset of the signs of skin aging. You will also fall in love with rose oil as it helps fade wrinkles and fine lines.

Antibacterial Properties

Aside from its astringency, it also has great antibacterial properties. If you’re prone to having acne and pimples, you can use rose absolute oil for face care. It kills bacteria and germs from damaging the skin and keeps it clear and bright.

Rose Oil Review - Rose Essential Oil for Reviving a Youthful Skin

Boosts Skin Permeability

Using rose oil does not only have potent effects but it also boosts the benefits of other skin care products. It increases the skin’s permeability which helps the formulas that you’ll be using next absorb through the skin easier and faster.

Rose Oil: Your Ultimate Weapon Against Aging

With all of the therapeutic effects that rose oil packs in just one drop, it solves many of your skin care concerns. Like the pure natural rose oil of First Botany Cosmeceuticals, you’ll be amazed at the abilities of rose oil. While it can’t really stop the physical effects that it has on your body, it helps slow it down. Here are some of the skin care issues that you can solve with rose oil.

Moisture and Hydration

Like any other oils, this one delivers deep hydration and helps retain the skin’s natural moisture. It prevents your skin from getting dry and irritated. It is also fast-absorbent which leaves the skin feeling smooth without the greasy residue that other oils often cause.

Rose Oil Review - Rose Essential Oil for Reviving a Youthful Skin

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Its astringency, of course, works to fade wrinkles and fine lines over time. Do not expect the complete removal of these signs but you will notice that the skin restores its tightness and suppleness over time.

Skin Conditions

With remarkable bactericidal level, rose oil will fend off breakouts and acne. This may also be effective in soothing some skin conditions like psoriasis. You just need to make sure to dilute it first before applying on the skin as it is quite harsh.