Your Safety Bible in Using Rose Oil for Skin Care

August 18th, 2017 9:00 am

Out of all the essential oils, you can find in the market, rose oil’s definitely one of the most worthy of your attention. Yes, you must try it at least once in your life, and let us tell you that there’s no going back. Once you’ve experienced the magic of using rose essential oil, you’ll come back for more. And there’s always more to discover about this wonderful oil.

A popular trend in beauty care nowadays is to apply some rose oil on face. There are claims of its power to prevent the physical effects of aging. Although it’s not a fountain of youth, it’s definitely an upgrade on all of your skin care products. The best thing about using this oil? Its aroma will soothe you and attract people to flock around you.

But of course, like always, there are proper ways to use the products that you’re using on your body. Even essential oils have risks when you don’t know how to apply them properly. For today, learn first about how you are going to bathe your skin in the wonderful drops of rose oil without causing damages!

Fresh Pink Rose

Preparing All the Needed Tools and Equipment

Applying essential oils is quite messy. Whether you’re using rose oil on hair or on the skin, it’s a guarantee that there will be a lot of cleaning up involved. To avoid such hassle before, during, and after the process of applying it, make sure to have all the equipment you need at hand. Would you need a bowl, an applicator, and a brush? If so, prepare them beforehand. You should also always have a towel near you. It prevents risks of spreading oil all over the area.

Rose Oil Dropper

Creating the Right Blend of Rose Oil Recipe

With DIYs currently the hype in beauty and personal care, then you’re familiar with all the homemade blends that you can make yourself. If you’re trying out a rose oil recipe, make sure to do it right. Rose oil is really strong for the skin. Undiluted oils might cause skin damage if not applied right. The astringency of this oil is really high and if used on skin, it might cause some form of irritation.

It also makes the skin more sensitive so be careful in using it with only the right amount. In this case, do a patch test first. Apply a small drop of the mixture on an area of your hands. Wait for at least an hour or overnight to see if there are negative effects. If there are no such results, then it’s safe to use on skin in moderate amounts.

Dried Rose Buds

Know How Strong Rose Oil Can Be

This does not only pertain to the effects that it has on the skin. Even the scent of rose oil is quite strong. In fact, you only need a few drops of pure rose oil to let its soothing fragrance diffuse in a room for a few hours. You might find yourself sensitive to its potency. The same goes for its skin care effects. If you’re going to use it alone and not as a part of a recipe, then always remember to dilute with a carrier oil. You might find the ratio 1:3 for rose to carrier oil really effective.

Precautions of Using Rose Oil on Pregnant and Children

Take note that essential oils are very potent especially when they are pure. This is why you should always practice caution when using oils on children, especially rose oil. But remember that it is definitely not recommended to apply on the skin or any parts of the body when pregnant or nursing.

If you want to find out its wonderful benefits, then you can try the rosehip seed oil of Radha Beauty. A certified organic oil that has great results when used on skin. Just remember to always use these always as directed on the label and you’ll get great results!