Bark Essential Oil

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Bark Essential Oil Therapeutic Effects

Looking for essential oils to use for health and personal care? Deviate from the common essential oils extracted from leaves or flowers. There are oils taken from unlikely parts of organic ingredients. Some of them include wood and bark essential oils. You might find just what you need with these kinds of essences.

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Bark Essential Oil Surprising Benefits

Discover the surprising benefits of bark essential oil aside from their unique scents. Aromatherapy is not the only field that oils are known for. There are a lot of other uses for essential oils especially when it comes to health and personal care. In Ayurvedic medicine, bark essential oils also have uses in treating ailments of the body.

Barks used for this type of essential oils do not only come from trees. There are also barks taken from plants, dried and later distilled, to extract their essence. Cinnamon oil is one of the most popular kinds of this extract. It’s been a part of traditional medicine for centuries now. Aside from its warm and spicy aroma, it also provides therapeutic effects.

Using Bark Essential Oil for Holistic Wellness

There are a lot of natural compounds retained in bark essential oils that help in providing nourishment and cure. Some of them are safe for ingestion while others are not. Others are also suitable for cooking purposes. The trick is to use these oils in moderation. For safety purposes, follow the guidelines of using these oils.

You also need to consider the amount you’ll be using. Taking too much might cause more harm than good. They also have great uses for aromatherapy. But for oils that have strong scents, you need to dilute them in lighter or carrier oils. It weakens strong aromas and makes them more appealing to your sense of smell. They help bring positive feelings of relaxation or peace.