Berry Essential Oil

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Berry Essential Oil for Wellness of Body and Mind

Traditional medicine taught us that there are a lot of benefits in utilizing what is around us. Organic ingredients such as plant, trees, and herbs have great uses not only for medicine but also for personal care. Most of this vegetation offers essential oils found in every part of them. From the roots to the seeds of the fruits, have essences that provide nourishment and other therapeutic effects.

While there are berries that are poisonous for man, there are also those that are edible. Berries like juniper and allspice are two of the most common sources for berry essential oil.

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Natural Properties of Berry Essential Oil

While more famous as food or spices for cooking, there are a lot of uses for berries. They also offer great health benefits and other therapeutic effects. Berry essential oils are rich in antioxidants which will help fight against free radicals. Juniper berry essential oil, for example, has great antibacterial properties.

It works to soothe some ailments in the body and even skin conditions. Its scent also helps calm the user. Allspice, on the other hand, is effective when applied on wounds. It prevents infection and even works to protect it from bacteria.

Using Berry Essential Oil for Personal Care

There are three ways of using berry essential oil. For aromatherapy, take a drop or two of this oil into a diffuser. Let its scent permeate the air. It does not only help induce relaxation. Some aromas are also effective against insomnia. It is also safe to inhale it directly from the bottle.

To get some of its therapeutic effects, apply on the skin directly or drink it. For the skin, dilute it first before using. This weakens the potency of the oil and makes it safer for you to use it. Taking this oil in moderation is also possible.