Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil Variety of Uses for Health and Household

Among the variety of leaves essential oil in the market, a favorite among buyers is the tea tree oil. A popular item in Aryuvedic medicine, its healing powers is highly desirable. It also has great effects when applied on the skin. Its therapeutic effects make it a wondrous oil to use for personal care.

Oil extracted from the leaves of the tea tree plant has potent antiseptic properties. A home remedy that has lots of healing effects for the skin, you can get lots of benefits from having tea tree oil.

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Tea Tree Oil Natural Properties

Tea tree oil is a great skin care remedy because of its antiseptic properties. It works when applied to some skin conditions like acne and fungal infections. It is also anti-fungal which is effective against infections. This oil has the ability to kill germs, bacteria, and fungus which are all causes of ailments and skin conditions.

It also works to lessen allergic reactions of products and formulas. This oil is made using steam distillation. It helps extract its natural compounds. While it is safe to apply on skin in moderate amounts, you should not take this by mouth. In fact, avoid applying it near the area since it is toxic and may cause negative reactions.

Therapeutic Effects of Tea Tree Oil

With the various therapeutic effects of tea tree oil, you can use it in different ways. Adding a few drops in laundry formulas help kill bacteria in clothes and linens. You can also take a few drops of this oil along with other carrier oils to create a blend of a gentle acne face wash. The bad odor that your underarms emit when it sweats is also caused by bacteria. Applying diluted tea tree oil on your armpits can prevent the odor.

Other uses include being a great cleanser for household chores.