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Easy Fixes for Your Hair Care Woes

Every woman’s goal? To get hair as lustrous and strong as Rapunzel’s! Or at least, a little closer to that. Once the hair gets limp and lifeless, you almost lose hope in achieving your hair goals. But there’s always a silver lining to your woes. The rose essential oil that you use for your skin also works for your tresses.

Beauty of rose essential oil for hair care.

Truly a beauty oil that transcends even the basic effects of organic extracts, there’s no denying that owning a bottle of rose oil makes personal beauty care easier and more fun. We are all quite crazy about multi-tasking products – three effects or more for just one cheap price. But there’s nothing cheap with rose oil – not its price and not its effects. The  In fact, its value just reflects how good rose oil hair care is.

Discover the healthy hair benefits that rose oil have for your locks. One bottle of oil versus a lot of hair-damaging factors? You got the ultimate weapon in your hand!

Is Rose Oil Effective for Hair Growth?

6 Hair Care Woes & How to Treat It

There’s no shortcut to your beauty goals. Effort, time, and patience are just the foundation of personal care. Aside from maintaining the healthy state of your locks, you should also see to it that you’re aware of any damages that you might be suffering from.

After all, bouncy hair can also mean frizzy wild strands right? Be in the know and learn about these 6 hair care woes that threaten to make your day worse and ways on how you can deal with them.

1 | Hair Damages

Damaged hair is not just any an everyday issue. It’s a bad state of hair that is common among both men and women. These damages can range from simple split ends to the worst cases of brittle strands. Here are some signs of hair damages.

Men and women suffer from various hair damages.

  • Split Ends

A common hair damage that even men suffer from, split ends can even lead to more problems such as frizzy locks. Even the beard is not exempt from this rampant issue. This kind of damage starts from the tips and can climb up to the middle-length of the strands. While split ends are also a result of weak strands, it’s mostly due to the disrupted cuticles that cause this phenomenon.

  • Hair Breakage

Weak strands easily break. Simply combing the hair can aggravate this condition. The action of combing through your tresses can break as much as a lump of hair. This is mostly the result of not having enough nutrients that keep the strands strong and able to withstand damages.

  • Loss of Color or Vibrancy

Our tresses have their own natural color and vibrancy without going under chemical treatments. There are blondes, redheads, brunettes, and even jet-black hair. But the luster of hair colors fade over time. And this can be a result of a lot of factors including the use of harsh formulas.

Easy Ways to Treat Hair Damages

Don’t let it get worse. Put out the fire before it burns the town! Here are some easy ways that you can do to treat these hair damages. Split ends are caused by the disrupted layers of the hair strands that can rise from the shaft due to the lack of moisture.

Hair breakage is also another effect of the lack of hydration on the scalp and hair. This makes the strands prone to brittleness. On the other hand, fading hair color is just an ugly effect of using too many harsh formulas. Learn about these easy tips you can use for a stronger and vibrant hair.

  1. Make sure to always moisturize your tresses. Don’t forget that it is what gives your hair life.
  2. Avoid brushing the hair when dry. It is more brittle and prone to breakage when you expose it to harsh edges in a dry state.
  3. Cut back from shampoos or harsh formulas. They rob the moisture from the hair and even bleach away the beautiful natural color of your tresses.
  4. Don’t depend on styling tools such as hair dryers and irons. Too much heat also tends to develop the brittleness of the strands over time.

2 | Dry & Rough Texture

After the day has ended, you run your fingers through your hair but you can’t help but cringe. Dry and rough locks almost hurt your palms. The uncomfortable sensation caused by the rough texture makes you want to cry.

Curly and kinky hair are drier than normal hair types.

There are a lot of factors that cause your hair to get dry and to develop a rough texture. It can be the environment. Remember how during winter, your hair just gets frizzy? It’s due to the lack of humidity and even the cold temperature.Curly and wavy hair is also more familiar with this issue.

Curly and wavy hairs are also more familiar with this issue. Since there are more links or curls to these hair types, the moisture from the scalp has a harder time reaching the strands. Basically, it lacks moisture. But that’s not the only problem. There might even be something wrong with the products that you’re using. You just don’t know it but you’re committing a grave hair care sin by not understanding what your hair needs.

What to Avoid in Your Routines

Why is it that even when you apply loads of conditioners on your hair, it just doesn’t get its softness and silkiness back? The problem might lie in your routine. From the methods that you’re using, to the formula of your products. Take a step back to consider all these factors and learn what to avoid in your hair care routines.

  1. Drying the hair using tools cause abnormality in its characteristics. Because of the high heat that you’re exposing it to, plus the strong air coming out of the dryer, the moisture on the hair evaporates faster.
  2. Using styling tools like straighteners and irons are also a simple form of murdering your tresses. Because of the extreme heat that you’re applying on the strands, they get brittle and the cuticles get damaged. This causes the rough texture.
  3. Sulfate is a common ingredient in a lot of personal care products and not just in your shampoos. They strip your hair off of the natural moisture which makes it hard for your scalp to replenish the needed hydration.
  4. You might think that using conditioners is just enough to moisturize the hair. But sometimes, these conditioners can just accumulate on your scalp. To avoid this, you should look for moisturizers and oils that are light and non-greasy and apply them overnight.

Remember: Your hair just can’t get enough moisture.

3 | Dull & Lifeless Tresses

Dull and lifeless hair is just a result of a lot of things that pile up over time. One – it might be because it is ridden with oil that it appears limp and greasy, or two – your scalp is suffering from some kind of condition. Either way, limp hair is another issue on its own.

Hair that undergoes color treatment can also get damaged.

The lack of volume can also be the issue behind this hair care woe. You have thin hair that is prone to breakage. And it gets greasy during the day. You can’t just wash it off and whisk it away like dandruff falling on your shoulders. But there are ways that you can remedy this problem. Just don’t expect instant results!

How to Get Bouncy and Volumized Locks

Be ready for the biggest change in your life. You might be changing your whole routine just to repair those limp and lifeless locks! But the results will motivate you to stick to these easy tips.

  1. Limp hair might be because of the grease that sticks to the hair. In this case, when you take a bath, make sure to rinse hair products from your tresses thoroughly before you go out.
  2. Using styling formulas like gels and waxes make the hair dry, dull, and limp. They also attract germs to stick to the strands. Opt for absorbent formulas that do not leave the hair greasy, rose oil is a perfect example of this!
  3. Fluff the hair by drying it naturally. Use a towel to gently rub the moisture from the strands. Use hair-moisturizing sprays all throughout the day to keep it lively and bouncy.
  4. Natural oils help give your hair a healthy shine. This restores the life and vibrancy of your tresses even with just one drop!

4 | Flaky or Irritated Scalp

If you want to have gorgeous hair, then it’s time to pay attention to your scalp. Is it healthy enough to provide nutrients and moisture to the strands? There are a lot of things that depend on the health of your scalp. A common scalp condition is flaking and irritation.

Flaking is caused by the dry scalp and the accumulation of grease, oil, dirt, and germs on the surface. It poses a lot of problems for the hair since it means that moisture can’t reach the strands to keep them from going dry and rough. Plus, flaking makes your hair look dirty and messy.

Get a Shiny Hair and Neat Scalp

Flakes are technically dirt on your scalp. They stick to the surface which attracts more germs and makes it habitable for bacteria. To prevent this problem and other issues that might arise from it, put these tips into practice and see if they make a change.

Healthy hair shines beautifully and has strong strands.

  1. Dry the hair before going outside. The wet scalp attracts pollution, grease, and bacteria. These impurities stick to the hair and even the scalp. Once they dry, they form into flakes that fall and spread around the head.
  2. Make sure to rinse hair formulas from your hair. These flakes are also residues of hair formulas left on your scalp and tresses.
  3. Use tea tree oil products and mix a few drops of rose oil to control the dryness and flakiness of your scalp. Shampoo with tea tree oil and rose oil keeps your scalp clean while the tea tree oil conditioner protects your hair from dirt, bacteria, and fungi that can cause damage.
  4. Follow the proper hair regimen for your hair type. There’s always a procedure you must follow according to your hair type. For example, dry and curly locks should focus more on moisture instead of daily shampooing. For straight, normal hair types, balancing these two is the foundation for a healthy hair.

5 | Frizzy Wild Hair

Here’s the deal with frizzy tresses. A very thin shield protects hair strands. This prevents the moisture from evaporating. But once it gets damaged, the water and moisture content on the strands can evaporate faster and this disrupts the thin layers of the hair. The cuticles lift away from the body, allowing air to pass through the shaft.

This is what causes the frizziness and the loss of volume. Wild hair is the worst case that stems from this issue. To prevent having such problems, you can easily do these steps that will help you get those straight, flowing strands.

Things to Consider to Prevent Wild Locks

To prevent hair from going wild and frizzy, these are some of the things you need to consider both in your hair care routine and daily life.

  1. Never forget about your conditioners. It is always the most important part of your hair routine. It tames the hair and helps give it the flowing characteristic that it deserves.
  2. Use oil-infused hair products to hydrate hair and prevent dryness. Dry hair is more prone to frizziness. Argan oil is good for hair because it is rich in essential fatty acids that will keep hair smooth and soft. Try using an argan oil conditioner to make your hair more manageable.
  3. Make sure to remove water from your hair after showering before you use a blow dryer. It helps the strands from suffering in the sudden assault of temperature and strong air or wind.
  4. Use your fingers to comb your hair as much as possible. It lowers the chances of you getting frizzy strands. Also, do not comb the hair when dry.
  5. Choose wide-toothed combs that are gentle both on hair and scalp.
  6. Don’t rub the hair with a towel. Squeeze and gently pat until the moisture is absorbed and it is left moist.

6 | Tangles & Hair Loss

Having hair knots is a pain – literally and figuratively. There are a lot of problems that come with having tangled locks. One of them is that you are likely to suffer from hair breakage and hair fall. The rough strands and the lack of the natural flow of the hair cause knots.

But when they are too tangled, they lead to falling hair. Hair loss is another issue on itself. When the roots are too weak to hold onto the scalp, expect to see clumps of hair in your shower drain.

Get curly or wavy tresses without the knots and tangles.

The Road to Smooth Flowing Hair

There’s always a solution to your hair care woes. You can save your tresses from suffering from these tangles and falling hair by just taking note of these.

  1. You need to look for an astringent that is safe to apply on your scalp. Rose oil’s high level of astringency helps the follicles strengthen and the scalp to tighten, preventing hair loss.
  2. Inflamed scalp is another issue that causes falling hair. Soothe the scalp by using cold water during shower or through overnight treatments.
  3. Brush the hair using a wide-toothed comb during shower to spread the conditioner around the scalp. This does not only soften the strands but also helps gently remove the knots.

Battle of Hair Products

Hair products make up the foundation of your scalp and hair health. The effects that they have for your tresses depend if they are made just to provide solution to your problems. Advanced technology paved the way for the creation of incredible formulas that treat and repair hair care woes.

But there are also products and ingredients that are damaging your scalp and hair in the long run. You need to be aware of these formulas before they cause unrepairable damage.

Why You Should Take Another Look at Your Shelf

Hair care routines take time to build. When you commit to a regimen, it just means that you’ve found practices and products that work well for your hair. Brands also play a big role in maintaining your scalp and hair health.

But things change, and the products you’ve depended on for a long time just might be the enemies that are destroying your hair. Many ask why you need to consider your routine and look into organic hair products. Advanced formulas mean that they contain chemicals that claim to be good for your health.

They may provide instant results such as shinier and sleeker hair strands. But these chemicals might be toxic for your health. Some of these chemicals are harmful to the body. While they don’t have any sudden negative effects, the little damages that they do accumulate over time, only to trigger worse conditions in the future. This is why you need to start looking into organic and natural hair formulas.

Essential oils have great benefits for hair care.

Gunning for Organic Hair Care

When it comes to nourishment and therapeutic effects, organic hair formulas are your best bet. The natural compounds found in these products are good for the hair and scalp. An essential oil is the best example of an organic hair savior. Know about the perks that you can get from taking the healthier and natural path for hair care.

  • There are natural compounds such as vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that are naturally present in essential oils.
  • With proper application, they are safe to use and does not pose any risks that can damage hair and scalp.
  • Therapeutic effects are the forte of these essential oils. Meaning, they do not only do the basics of hair care but they also heal and repair damages.
  • You can create your own formula at home according to your preferences.
  • The versatility of essential oils makes them perfect for DIY home recipes. Mix and blend two or more oil to boost their effects.

Hair Warrior: Rose Oil for Lush Tresses

A lot of people only know the benefits of rose oil for the skin. While it’s true that this beauty oil has great skin health benefits, there are also amazing effects when your use rose oil for hair care. The therapeutic effects that it has does not only retain the lustrous state of your tresses. It also helps repair the damages that it got over the years.

Hair Nourishing Oil

There are a lot of natural chemical compounds present in rose oil that makes it perfect for your scalp and hair care. It replenishes the vitamins and minerals that the scalp just lacks. This oil also has high levels of antioxidants which prevent free radicals from causing havoc.

A notable factor that makes it a sought-after oil for hair care is its light weight and its high absorption ability. Apply it on hair or scalp and it will instantly permeate through the deeper layers. It does not leave a greasy texture but it does a lot of deep moisturizing. And the best thing about this permeability? It preps your scalp and hair for other hair formulas that you will use after.

Rose Oil Benefits for Hair & Scalp

The therapeutic effects of rose oil work great for treating a lot of your hair care woes. Find more of these benefits here.

Use rose oil for hair care to get its full benefits.


According to an issue of Phytotherapy Research journal published in June 2008, rose oil has a powerful anti-inflammatory property. When you apply it on your scalp, it soothes conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, and irritation. It also aids in lowering the risks of hair loss for you!

Natural Tonic

Among the essential oils in the market, rose oil has one of the highest levels of bactericidal activities. This is why it’s a recommended product for those who suffer from acne and pimples. But that’s not all. You can also enjoy its benefits brought by its antiseptic, tonic, and antioxidant properties. Clean that scalp and keep the dirt away from your tresses.

Astringent Effects

With regular use of rose oil, you don’t have to worry much about hair fall and the rough texture of your locks. In fact, you’ll definitely enjoy the multitude of benefits that it brings to your hair. For example, the astringent effects of this oil on your scalp stimulates it for stronger hair and follicles. It also helps improve the strands to give them a silkier texture and make them able to withstand damages.

Weaving Stories of Hair Success with Rose Oil

There are a lot of success stories in committing to rose oil hair care. Since it has a big role to play in the history of Ayurvedic medicine, its benefits have been used for thousands of years already. Women are not the only ones who’ve utilized its beautiful effects for the hair. Even men see the benefits in applying it on hair.

With its therapeutic effects, it’s a common ingredient for a lot of hair products. There are also other benefits you can get by mixing it with other organic ingredients. Its versatility does not only make it perfect for essential oils but even in your everyday ingredients. Have fun making homemade recipes that are easy to do.

What you should always remember is to use only the best quality of rose oil. You can choose from a lot of brands that offer quality, success, and beauty in one bottle. Find more of the best recommended products for your hair and take delight in the wonderful magic that it weaves with rose oil hair care.