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The Truth Behind Castor Oil for Hair

Is your hair looking dull and thin? Hair thinning is actually one of the signs of hair damage. There are many reasons behind hair damage. You may have styled your hair too much or used the wrong products. Aside from rose oil for your hair, there are many oils to use on your tresses. If you want to relive those great hair days, use castor oil for hair growth.

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Castor Oil for Hair Growth: An Essential for Your Hair Care Needs

Natural ingredients are starting to shine in the beauty industry. Many popular brands are adding plant and fruit extracts in their products. A lot of people are using natural ingredients they find in their homes as well. One of the most popular natural ingredients to use is castor oil.

There are many claims about castor oil and its ability to grow hair. Is this really true? You are about to find that out.

Why you should use castor oil for hair growth

Castor oil is from the seeds of the castor plant. Ancient Egyptians actually used castor oil to fuel their lamps and treat multiple skin ailments. This versatile oil is used as a laxative to relieve constipation as well.

Aside from treating skin and health ailments, castor oil is wonder oil for your hair too! There are no studies about castor oil’s hair growing properties yet. But many people have tried using castor oil on their hair and they saw amazing results.

There is actually a scientific reason behind this. You see, castor oil contains many fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. In fact, castor oil is naturally rich in Ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid increases the production of Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2). This lipid compound is essential for hair regrowth.

Aside from hair growth, castor oil gives your hair these benefits:

  • Treats scalp infection

Scalp infections like Seborrheic eczema and Psoriasis cause major hair problems. If you want to have healthy tresses, you should start treating those scalp infections with castor oil. This oil contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help lessen the effects of scalp infections.

  • Reduces split ends and hair breakage

Castor oil contains essential fatty acids that help reduce split ends and hair breakage. These essential fatty acids penetrate into your scalp to help smooth out rough hair cuticles for healthy hair growth.

  • Conditions and moisturizes hair

The Ancient Indians in Chile used castor oil as a conditioner. Castor oil is actually their secret to beautiful, thick, and dark hair. This is because of the fatty acids castor oil contains. These fatty acids do not just help condition your hair strands. They help lock moisture on your scalp to keep your hair smooth and soft as well.

  • Makes hair shiny

Shiny hair adds the “oomph” to your overall look. If you want your hair to shine bright like a diamond, use castor oil! Castor oil coats your hair shaft as it seals moisture in your scalp to make your hair shinier and silkier.

How to use castor oil for hair growth

Castor oil is very easy to use. If you want your hair to grow strong and beautiful, here is a basic guide on how to use it:

  1. Apply an ample amount of castor oil on your palm. You can add more castor oil if needed.
  2. Spread the oil evenly on your hair and scalp. Coat your hair strands with castor oil from root to tip.
  3. Gently massage your hair and scalp.
  4. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it overnight.
  5. Rinse your hair the morning after with lukewarm water. Do this every night for best results.

Can you mix castor oil with other hair products?

Yes, you can! This is actually one of the easiest ways to use castor oil for hair growth. If you want to try this at home, just add 1 drop of castor oil on your shampoo and conditioner.

Castor oil is a great carrier oil for essential oils too. Lavender oil, peppermint oil, and jojoba oil are some of the best essential oils to dilute with castor oil for hair growth.

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Different Kinds of Castor Oil to Use for Hair Growth

Castor oil

There are two kinds of castor oil for hair. You can choose between cold pressed castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil. What makes them different from each other? Keep on reading to find out.

Cold pressed castor oil

This kind of castor oil is often clear or pale yellow in color. Unlike ordinary castor oils, cold pressed castor oil is extracted without heat. Cold pressing preserves all natural minerals and nutrients from the oil. This ensures that your hair gets the maximum benefits when using castor oil.

Jamaican black castor oil

This kind of castor oil is dark in color. This is because the seeds of the castor plant are roasted. After roasting the seeds, the oil is then extracted. Jamaican black castor oil is best for people with thin hair. People with curly hair often use this kind of castor oil as well.

You should try combining argan oil with castor oil and rose oil for hair growth. Get a bottle of argan oil now to try it. Check out this page for the best argan oils to try for your skin and hair.

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Can You Combine Rose Oil and Castor Oil for Better Hair Growth?

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Yes, you can! There are actually different kinds of rose oil to use on your hair. But if you want to give your hair extra shine, you should use rosehip oil with castor oil.

Rosehip oil is from the hip of rose plants. This kind of rose oil contains many essential fatty acids that repair and renew damaged hair. Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A as well. Vitamin A helps control the production of sebum on scalp for healthy hair growth.

If you want to buy castor oil for hair growth, you can purchase this oil in your local pharmacy. There are brands that sell castor oil for hair growth online too. Get yourself a bottle of castor oil now to make hair look good and healthy!

Like castor oil, you can mix rose oil with other essential oils for hair growth! Do you want to find out what essential oils are they? Check this page to learn more.

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