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Using Hyaluronic Acid Serum on Skin

Most people these days are hyped about skin care, which is actually a good thing. Some of them love to invest their money on good skin care products to achieve flawless and glowy skin. Aside from rose oil, one of the best products sold in the market today is Hyaluronic acid serum.

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Why You Should Add Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin Care

Hyaluronic acid serum is actually a newbie to the skin care industry. But once a lot of people have tried using this serum, Hyaluronic acid became a hit to everybody. If Hyaluronic acid sounded new to you, you may wonder what it is. Do not worry though. This website is going to help you find out more about Hyaluronic acid, just keep on reading.

Why do you need Hyaluronic acid Serum?

Aside from being a popular skin care product, there is actually more to learn about Hyaluronic acid serum. To help you understand more about this serum, you should learn more about its main ingredient, which is Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in our bodies. This natural substance is mostly in your connective tissues, joints, and eyes. The main function of Hyaluronic acid is retaining water in the body to keep body tissues moist and lubricated.

Your skin contains a lot of Hyaluronic acid too. In fact, this natural substance is largely present in your skin’s layers. Hyaluronic acid replenishes your skin with moisture to help keep it supple and young looking.

Hyaluronic acid is the reason why babies have soft and dewy skin. This is because they are born with high levels of Hyaluronic acid in their bodies. But the bad news is you cannot keep this substance in your body for long. As you age, the supply of Hyaluronic acid in your body decreases as well. Little by little, your skin starts to feel less firm and plump due to low supply of Hyaluronic acid.

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Benefits of Hyaluronic acid serum on Skin

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Hyaluronic acid serums are very popular, especially to those people who want to keep their skin look fresh and young. Aside from keeping your skin look young, Hyaluronic acid provides the following benefits as well:

  • It gives skin incredible moisture

Hyaluronic acid has an amazing ability to deliver lasting moisture on skin. This natural substance acts as a humectant that grabs and holds moisture for skin to absorb. This serum keeps your skin healthy and hydrated all throughout the day.

  • Firms and tones your skin

Your skin becomes saggy and uneven as you age. But thanks to Hyaluronic acid’s incredible moisturizing powers, your skin stays supple and hydrated. This serum plumps your skin as it removes pigmentation and dark spots to reveal a firmer and more toned skin.

  • Improves collagen production

Collagen is a protein largely present in your skin. This protein keeps your skin young and healthy. Increasing the amount of collagen minimizes fine lines and wrinkles to reveal younger-looking skin.

  • Improves the protective barrier of the skin

When your skin is dry, it is more vulnerable to damage and infection. Hyaluronic acid provides moisture on your skin’s outer layers to help strengthen its protective barrier. Using Hyaluronic acid helps your skin heal fast as well thanks to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Protects the skin from sun exposure

Your skin is more prone to damage when it is exposed too much to the sun. Aside from hydration, Hyaluronic acid contains antioxidant properties that protect your skin from heat. This serum protects your skin from the effects of harsh chemicals as well.

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How You Should Use Hyaluronic Acid Serum on Skin

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Hyaluronic acid serums are very easy to use on skin. Since this serum is water-based, your skin easily absorbs all the nutrients it offers. To help you use Hyaluronic acid serums the right way, here is a simple guide to follow:

  1. You should wash your face first. Make sure that your skin is free from makeup and dirt before applying Hyaluronic acid serum.
  2. If you are going to use a toner, it is best to apply it before the serum.
  3. Apply 1-2 drops of Hyaluronic acid on your palm. Rub your palms together and gently massage the serum on your face. If your Hyaluronic acid serum has a dropper, you can directly apply the serum on your face.
  4. Repeat this every morning and at night for best results.

Can you mix Rose Absolute Oil and Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

Now that you know how to apply the serum, you may start to experiment Hyaluronic serum with other skin care products like oils. If you are going to mix Hyaluronic acid serum with essential oils like Rose absolute oil, do not.

The consistency of Rose absolute oil or any other essential oils are too thick. Combining oils with your Hyaluronic acid serum makes it hard for your skin to absorb them both. It is best to apply Hyaluronic acid serum on your skin alone. But if you really want to use Rose absolute oil and other essential oils, you are free to apply them after using Hyaluronic acid serum.

Applying Rose absolute oil after using Hyaluronic acid can nourish your skin with lots of nutrients. If you do not have a bottle of Rose absolute oil yet, you can check out this page to find out where to buy them. Learn more here.

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Precautions When Using Hyaluronic Acid Serum on Skin

Hyaluronic acid serums are potent. You need to take good care when using the serum on your face. It is important that you take these following precautions to avoid the harmful effects of Hyaluronic acid serum:

For people with allergies – if you have sensitive skin and you are prone to skin allergies, do not buy Hyaluronic acid serums right away. It is best to consult your doctor before using it. Using this serum can dry and irritate your skin more without prescription.

For different skin types – Hyaluronic acid is best for those people with dry skin. If your skin type is normal or oily, do a patch test first before buying the serum. Testing the serum prevents your skin from irritation or dryness caused by Hyaluronic serum.

For dry or hot weather –Hyaluronic acid serum can protect your skin from the sun but only at a minimum level. Avoid using the serum in very hot weather because it may pull moisture away from your face instead of absorbing it.

Storage – When storing your Hyaluronic acid serum, keep it in a cool and dry place. The cool temperature helps keep the serum’s potency and consistency.

Your skin should stay hydrated and moisturized to survive the day: using Hyaluronic acid serum is the best product to use for that. If you want your own bottle of Hyaluronic acid serum, you can buy this at your local pharmacy or you can search it online as well.