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Best Oils and Products That Work Well with Rose Oil

One of the most expensive oils in the market, rose oil lives up to its fame. Extracted from rose petals, the oil contains volatile compounds that are used for aromatherapy. Its scent is so powerful that it soothes the mind and promotes positive feelings. Other than its scent, you can use the therapeutic effects of rose oil to improve how your skin and hair looks.

Rose oil in amber glass bottles

Packed with nourishing compounds, rose oil has many benefits for skin and hair. It is rich in essential fatty acids, nutrients, and antioxidants that make your skin brighter and your hair more lustrous. You can add it to various oils and products to enhance their benefits. The oil is versatile so you can use it in different ways. We’ve compiled the best brands of products that we like to add rose oil to. Rose oil increases the benefits you can get from these products.

Find out which brand of your favorite personal care product made it into our top ten lists. Discover their benefits and how rose oil can elevate the experience.

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